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  • Data recovery in Ahmedabad
    Ransomware virus Data Recovery
    We Recover 100 % Garanteed Data From infected Ransomware Virus
  • Data recovery in Ahmedabad
    Desktop, Laptop, Server HDD Data Recovery Services
    Your Best Chance of Getting Back Your Data With Us 100 % Safe & Professional Recovery
  • Data recovery in Ahmedabad
    Raid Server DATA Recovery services
    We recover data lost from all types of failed servers and RAID Server. We recover major Database Like SQL Server, Oracle, Access MDB,and Mysql
  • Data recovery in Ahmedabad
    smart Mobile data Recovery Services
    We Recover Data from Dead, Water Damage, Physical Damage, Non repairable.

Our Services

Micronics is industry’s most experienced, largest, and technologically advanced provider of data recovery services in India.Micronics has all the resources needed to give our clients one of the highest success rates in the data rescue industry. With our experienced technicians, knowledgeable staff and laboratory facilities we have all that we need in-house to solve your data recovery needs quickly and efficiently

Hard Disk Recovery
Hard Disk Recovery

Logically & Physically Crashed hard Disk Data Recovery

Memory Card Recovery
Memory Card Recovery

logical or physical Crashed Memory Card

Flash Drive Recovery
Flash Drive Recovery

Logically & Physically Damaged Flash Data Recovery

Smart Mobile Recovery
Smart Mobile Recovery

Android,Apple,BlackBerry,Microsoft Mobile Phone Data Recovery

Mac Recovery
Mac Recovery

We Recover Data From All Mac Flavors with HFS and HFS file system

Ipod Recovery
Ipod Recovery

recovery of lost,deleted or formatted audio/video songs, photos,documents etc.

Sim Card Recovery
Sim Card Recovery

We Recover Sim card Data Loss due to logical problem and physical problem.

Server Recovery
Server Recovery

We recover data lost from all types of failed servers and RAID arrays.

Raid recovery
Raid recovery

Micronics has experience in RAID recovery services, spanned and striped systems.

Database recovery
Database recovery

We Recover Major Database Like SQL Server, Oracle, Access MDB (Ms Access), Mysql ,SharePoint Server,

NAS Recovery
NAS Recovery

Recover Bufello,Lenevo,Synology,Seagate, Qnap,D-link,NetGear,Thecus,Wd,etc.

Password recovery
Password recovery

Recover Password From Windows, Office,email,Tally, Database and Etc.

Encryption Recovery
Encryption Recovery

We Can Decrypt Bitlocker,Macafee,Western Digital Smartware Encryption and Etc.

SSD Recovery
SSD Recovery

SSD recovered PCB Damaged, Controller chip damage,and Physically.

Novell Recovery
Novell Recovery

Novell Recovery if Virus Infection,Software Malfuction, hardware,Deletation and Etc.

Tap Media Recovery
Tap Media Recovery

Recover Erased,Media Error, incomplete backup,Reformatted, physical and etc.

Forensic Digital Recovery
Forensic Digital Recovery

Computer Forensic, Mobile forensic and cctv Camera Forensic Services ..

Virtualization data Recovery
Virtualization data Recovery

vmware,virtual box,paralles,qemu and windows virtual Etc Recovery

Photo recovery
Photo recovery

We Recover Photos From Deleted, Formatted and Physical Damage Media

File Recovery
File Recovery

deleted , Formatted, virus infected,fire damaged, corrupted,Human Error and Etc

Tally Data recovery
Tally Data recovery

Disk Failure,virus Infected, bad Sector,Database Corrupted,Migration eror.

Encryption Security Services
Encryption Security Services

database encryption,database backup encryption, file encryption services..

Email Recovery
Email Recovery

exchange server,Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Live mail,Lotus Note Recovery.

Removable recovery
Removable recovery

floppy,CD/DVD,Flash Drive,Memory Card, External HDD and Tap Media recovery

Data Wiping Services
Data Wiping Services

Wiping disk,can be reused or disposed,data cannot be recovered.

Data backup Services
Data backup Services

Micronics Auto Backup Solutions for Home, Office and Corporate

DVR/CCTV Recovery
DVR/CCTV Recovery

dahua, Raysharp,cp plus,hikvision major brand and other Dvr Recovery Services

Linux Recovery
Linux Recovery

crashed LILO boot,deleted,damaged super block,corrupted inode,disk Failure recovery.

Ransomeware Virus Data Recovery
Ransomeware Virus Data Recovery

We Recovered Guaranteed Data From Ransomware Virus encryption

Latest Case

SEAGATE 2.0 TB usb 3.0
SEAGATE 2.0 TB usb 3.0


64gb Memory Card
64gb Memory Card

100 % Recovered (64gb SDXC)

Western Digital USB 2.0
Western Digital USB 2.0

100% Data Recovered WD 2.5 USB

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Server Recovery in India
Server Recovery
Raid Recovery
Raid Recovery
DataBase Recovery
Data Base Recovery
CCTV / DVR Data Recovery
CCTV / DVR Data Recovery

Case Study

  • The BIOS does not detect or recognize the ATA / SATA hard drive

    Micronics is providing Data Recovery Services for NOT detected desktop,Laptop and server hard disk in BIOS

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  • Burnt PCB 80/160/250/500/1000gb hard disk Possible to Recover Data ?

    Micronics Data Recovery Services Providing FOR burnt PCB of any capacity Of HDD/HARD DISK.

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  • 1TB Seagate Usb Hard Disk is Not Detected , Data Recovery Possible ?

    1TB Seagate hard disk is not detected dont worry for Data recovery We can recover Data .

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  • crashed/ failed hard disk data Recovery Possible ?

    100% data recovery from your crashed/failed hard disk. We are India's most trusted hard disk recovery services

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  • Looking for data recovery service in Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India ?

    Looking for data recovery service in India, call Micronics Data Recovery. We recover deleted/formatted data from HDD/ Hard disk/

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  • Data Recovery from Dead Smart Mobile

    Micronics Data Recovery Lab is providing Android, Apple,Blackberry and Microsoft Mobile Phone Data Recovery.

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  • Not Deteced in Bios 80/160/250/500/1000/2000/3000/5000gb hard disk Possible to Recover Data ?

    Micronics Data Recovery Services Providing FOR every not detected of any capacity Of HDD/HARD DISK.

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  • Data Recovery from Dead HDD/ HARD DISK

    Micronics Data Recovery Lab is providing IDE,SATA,SCSI,SAS and USB Dead Hard disk

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  • Flood Water Damaged disk Data recovery

    Flood Water Damage recovery

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Success Stories

Micronics is a single place for Data Recovery in Ahmedabad where we can trust in terms of 100% data recovery & price. There is no need of negotiation as they are not giving offer on base of importance of data, but giving offer on actual damages of Data or Hard-disk. They are doing transparent businesse.They recovered data in short time than commited. They are well aware about the importance of data. One thing I liked most is transparency of business in this centre. I am fully satisfied from your lab. And thank you so much to Micronics team for the recovery of such important data.

chandrakant varde

It was a great relief for getting my data recovered. My urgency was accomodated and priority was given as per my request. Praise worthy also was witnessing tge professional attitude by the staff. All the very best.

prakash vankani

INDIVIDUAL, ahmedabad

Excellant data recovery lab nice staff behavior and no any Diagnosis charge for hard drive if your data recover than pay charge.. Clear talking about charge and payment He is Very good behaviours and helping person

Vikram Baraiya

INDIVIDUAL, ahmedabad

Excellant data recovery lab nice staff behavior and no any Diagnosis charge for hard drive if your data recover than pay charge.. Clear talking about charge and payment He is Very good behaviours and helping person

Jay dholariya

INDIVIDUAL, ahmedabad

I had a issue with my memory card and people over here were pretty responsive they got this done in timely manner. With recovering my entire data. I would recommend if anyone has a issue for memory card or hard disk

Ankit Jani

INDIVIDUAL, ahmedabad

I really appreciate about this company/lab work. Its reference by saumya construction company to come this company for recover my company and site related data and actually I got it my back all data and its charges also valuable price and great service and also I recommend to all of you if you recover you data then must visit micronice technologies india Pvt ltd . Thank you for your help Mr.narendra Oza 😇😇😇👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Harshil Patel

Just only 5 Star would not justifiable to service and support provide by them. During the lockdown period Mr. Naren Oza have recovered my HDD on remote which have too many bad sectors. Very much polite and supportive person. One of the most recommendable for data recovery service. :)

Bhavya Chauhan


I really liked the professional and quick approach of Micronics in resolving data recovery of my external hard disk. It was a seamless process during lockdown and have added Micronics as a preferred service provider in our company for any such future issues. Thanks a lot for giving my data back to me.

akash singhvi

Wonderful service provider. I’m glad that I contacted them & eventually they proved their reliable & quality outcome as promised. True value for money, perhaps never hesitate to recommend others. Best wishes.

Saurodeep Bose


One of the Best Service. Best Dealing with Customer. Technically Powerfull. Excellent service in Data recovery. My Experience is that my Computer was not working, so I called Acer company Service Engineer who says there is Hard disk defective and it can't work and No recovery of data was possible. After so much I found this Micronics Technology, and ........... Data back up DONE... In a very easy way with minor charges. Loyalty of Work.. Must to Visit..

Sandip Basiya

, Indian Railway

મારી કોમ્પ્યુટર HARD DISK 1TB SEAGATE 3.5 SATA ની DATA RECOVERY માટે આપને ત્યાં હું તારીખ 29.10.2020 ના રોજ આવેલો અને મે HDD ખોલી ને DATA RECOVER કરવો પડશે તેમ તમોને કહેલું પણ આપને ફક્ત પાંચ મિનિટ માં DIAGNOSIS કરી ફકત નજીવી કિંમતે 1TB HDD નો DATA આજ રોજ( 31/10/2020) ફક્ત બે દિવસ માં જ RECOVER કરી આપ્યો તે બદલ ધન્યવાદ. અત્રે ઉલ્લેખનીય છે કે આપેહેલા હું બીજી મોટી કંપની ઓ માં ગયો હતો તે લોકો એ HDD બગડી ગઈ છે તેથી પાર્ટ ચેન્જ કરવા પડશે તેવું પ્રિલીમીનરી DIAGNOSIS કરી બે દિવસ ના અંતે રૂપિયા 52,000=00 નો ડેટા RECOVERY કરવાનો ચાર્જ બતાવેલો તેપણ 50 % એટલે કે આશરે 26000=00 ભરો અને ગેરંટી તો નહીં જ. તેથી આપને ત્યાં ટેકનિકલ માણસો સાથે વાતચીત કરી ટેકનીકલ સમજણ સાથે આપને HDD ખોલિયા વગર DATA RECOVER કરી આપ્યો તે બદલ MTIPL Data Recovery Lab નો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર. R J TANK Retd.DGM (CIVIL) ONGC.AHMEDABAD



My All Data converted in .repl formate and my all important photos and documents lost due to ransomware encryption , one of my friend who working in IT filed since a long time he suggest me MICRONICS and Recovered my all data . i m very thankful to my friend and micronics

KAUSHIK MODHA (Kaushik Modha )


My Account PC 250GB SEAGATE hard disk is failed and ALL Data is lossed on 23rd JAN 2017 so i m socked and frostred at that time but After contacting to Micronics they assured about Data recovery so bit relax But till recovery i m not worry free After Week Of time All 100% Data get Recover By Micronics ..i dont have word to say But many many thank to Micronics data recovery lab

Mahendra G Prajapati


I had a problem with my 5TB Seagate hard drive; it seems that the hard drive was not detected by my computer. In my case no one was getting the perfect solution for data recovery, after many tries and venturing to different companies dealing with data recovery problems, I had given up . However, Mr. Narendra of Micronics India was very dedicated and persevere in finding the solution to my problem. I highly recommend Micronics India Data Recovery Lab for any recovery issues you may encounter. Once again Thanks Mr. Narendra for a job well done..

Dipak Patel

Photographer, krishna Photo Arts

Thank you very much for the data recovery. Over all, I have seen many data recovery companies out of all I must say your Customer Services & the price you have offered is best among them. Fullproof Professional work done by you within a few hours!!!!!!!

Mr. Jishesh Zalavadiya

IT Officer, Spidigo Net Pvt Ld

“Our CEO Laptop TOSHIBA – Model: MK4004GAH 1.8’ HDD Was Crashed, Our boss said in IT department we need data at any cost. We checked it in our self-techniques but can’t be success for data recovery. So we professional Data recovery Services provider in Ahmedabad at Micronics. They Recovered Our All Data within 2-4 Days. Our Boss is also thankful to Micronics for Prompt Data recovery services. “

Mr. Hemant Raval

IT support, Avaya Global Connect (TATA Telecom Ltd) , Gandhinagar, Gujarat ,India.

“ Our 2TB SEAGAATE USB hard lost Data , it was store Our All Scan files data and we need it anyhow as possible early because we can’t be generate again that data in time to submit Our project . so We contacting to Micronics Data recovery Services provider because they already did completed our 2000gb desktop hard disk recovery. This time again 100 % recovered Our All Data in best Price and fast delivered our data. We can say Now Micronics is Really Best Data recovery Service Provider in Ahmedabad “

Mr. Umesh

Riddhi Corporate Services Pvt Ltd, Ahmedabad, Guajrat,India

“Our company having a Raid configured server with 146 GB x 4 No’s SCSI ST3146855SS Seagate hard disk and it was raid crashed. We are worrying For Our Company Data. We got Best Raid Server Data recovery Service Provider in Ahmedabad. And They Recover Completed SQL database also configure New Server in Our Munim ERP Software. We Never Forget this Micronics Data recovery Services . Me and My Manager both are very thankful to them . “

Mr. Hardik

Prem Industries , Naroda, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

"we lost Our Laptop 1TB HDD data due to physical damage And HDD clicking sound Cut Cut . We already cheked with our method but data can't be recovered . My Friend Give us Reference Of Micronics,Ahmadabad. we Contact to Micronics and send courier HDD. They 100% Successful Recover Our All data. WE are very thankful to Micronics "

Nikhil Shah

IT Manager, ANI Supply Chain, Abbott Nutrition, Information Technology

" When ever Our company lost Data from any Media , We Always contact with Micronics And they Recovered Our All Data with Good satisfactory Price . It is really Good Data recovery company "

Kalpesh Patel

IT Support, Oxygen Bio Research Pvt Ltd

"My Family photos loss from 1tb toshiba usb hard disk due to drop down by my kids. i checked this damage hard disk in local data recovery shop but them Behaviour not good and i feel very bad so i didnt give him and My friend refer me Micronics and contacting him for data recovery they recovery my 100% family photos and vedio . i really very thanksfull to micronics and i can refer to other."

Bhadresh soni

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

"We Lost Our Data From 4TB Seagate hard disk. We Checked By One Of well known Data recovery Company and they reported head issue and Get Very High quotation so Our management Not approved quot we found Micronics Data Recovery lab Second opinion . And Micronics Recovered Our 100% in Our wish price. thanks Microncs "

Divyang Pandya

IT Support, Ahmedabad Bariatrics & Cosmetics Private Limited

"My 500gb seagate laptop Hard disk lost data and 100% Recovered My All Data. Micronics delivers what it claims at reasonable costs in timely and professional manner. Micronics isn't just a data recovery company, it is a true friend who helps in times of gravest of data loss situations."

Ravi Mandalia

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

“My Microsoft Outlook Data is not open. That was very important from my business. I Got Reference Micronics Data recovery Services in Ahmedabad, it was far distance from Baroda, But that refer person said me Micronics is Best Data recovery company in Ahmedabad so I choose Micronics and really they Recover My all Email. And can start my routine work for my business in 2 days. I really appreciate them work to delivering services as expected fast. I never forget them support “

Jagdish Shukla

Director, Servilink Systems Ltd , Baroda, Gujarat, India

“I had Save My contact Details in Mobile SIM card and it is deleted All SIM data, I’m really Wondering to Micronics Data Recovery Lab In Ahmedabad They Recovery My All contact data from My SIM CARD, I don’t Believe that it is possible to recover my all contact from SIM card But Micronics is Expert to Recover Data from SIM card. I really very thankful to him. I can refer to my Friend for data recovery to Micronics because Micronics is best Data Recovery Company in India”

Pratik Gupta

New Delhi, India

" i lost My tally Data from 1tb seagate usb hard disk. it was crased physically .My All company and all My customer Account backup in usb hard disk . i need that data any how . i checked this damage hard disk to my vendor But they unable to recover my data and get back. i got Micronics Reference from my Friend. i give My hard disk for data recovery and Micronics give us 100% data within 7 Days . thanks Micronics team . i can refer this company"

Pravin Prajapati

Accountant, AHMEDABAD

" My All One Pc Internal Storage hard disk All Important file was deleted. it was really needful for our Hospital. My Friend refer Micronics Data Recovery Lab and we contacting him , they give us pickup My pc Hard disk and recovered All DATA Which Our important within 2 days. We are thankful to them . "

Dr Tarak Patel

Ahmedabad, India

“These are words, deep down my heart after my hard disk Data loss and data was recovered from a non-responsive state to back in life. Micronics Data Recovery services in Ahmedabad came not only to my rescue but also moral supporter and information provider on not to worry about the lost data and sort of care to be taken to protect data from losing I thank these guys a million times for the sort of service they provide and most of all the personal relation they build with the customers in delivering the justified service. Thank you again getting back the memories ”

Subhranshu Panda

Ahmedabad, India

"i had lost My All Songs, Video, Movies and my some Presentation Files Of my project from my ipad due to Dropped in Water and Dead. i do not need My songs and video But i need my document files any how . i tried 2-3 place in Ahmadabad But No One Can Recover My Data. After contacting Micronics, They Recover My all Document Along with songs and movies .i was really happy when recovered my all Data. Thanks micronics Team .. i suggest to for Data recovery ...

Haresh Pandya, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India


“My Tally Data is lost From Network Storage due to I/O error in Connection. We need Any How that Tally Data because without data I can’t be manage my business. My Friend refer Micronics Data recovery services, No doubt they takes More time for Recovering Data for My case But they Recover My All Tally Data as well as my other document Data with same directory structure . Thanks to Micronics. I’m really very very thankful to him for 100 % Data recovery. Thanks again”

Vaibhav Shah

, , Vaibhav Dyestuff Industries, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

"I click my daily photograph for gujarat samachar update . And one day I my total data in camera card . I afraid due to loss the data And I contact to Micronics . they recover my all photograph from lost Memory Card.. Thanks to Micronics"

Mr. Suresh Mistry

Photographer, Guajrat Samachar , ahmedabad , Gujarat , india .

“When ever loss Our any data from our company we always contact with Micronics And they Never Unsatisfied to us. Micronics Recover Our All cases with Good satisfactory Price. Last Aug 2015 Our cctv/Dvr Camera 2TB hard disk Data lost due to Dvr hard disk connecting in computer Desktop. We lost All Data But We require that data any how so we submitted case to Micronics and Micronics Recovered 100% Data with Datewise and timewise . Really Micronics has a good knowledge with latest technology . we can refer for data recovery as trusted company. “

Amit Thakkar .

It Manager, Ashima Ltd, Gujarat, India

“I’m Photographer and I’m using Apple machine for my Video Editing work. Last day my 2tb Western Digital hard is Crashed and Loosed My all stored Data. I was recover data for my windows hard disk from Micronics before long time ago, so I again contacting Micronics recently for my apple Data loss. But before media submission to Micronics I was full confidence that they will be 100% recover data because I had already experience with him. And they really recover My All Data. I can refer Micronics for Any Media Recovery. “

Dwanish Patel, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.


“My Lenovo Mobile S650 was dead due to Dropped down. I’m working in Gandhinagar Institute of technology as electronics & communication lecturer. I was tried to repair my dead phone. Also tried to repair mobile expert But unable to repair mobile. But my internal memory was very important and I don’t have any option to get data back.I search Online Google, found Micronics and contacting him and go personally, I feel confidence to meet them and give for data recovery process. After 3-4 Days Micronics Email to us Data details and status Update your Data is recovered 100 %.. Really very thankful to Micronics”.

Megha Desai, Ahmedabad,Gujarat,India.

, Gandhinagar Institute Of Technology

“Once Our Flase Pen Drive Was dead. It is not detected in our laptop. Even we check in other pc but it was not detected. Error message show “USB Device is not recognized “. My Computer Vendor unable to recover my internal pen Drive Data. I check Google and found Micronics, as per telephonic talk I trust on Micronics and send courier to them. They RECOVER My 100 % Data from physical Damage pen drive. I really very very thankful to him.“

Mr. Dharmendra patel

, Vrundavan Ceramic Pvt ltd , Morbi, Gujarat, India.

"I lost my all personal sony camera data , it was checked in local market here But all said me My camera internal HDD physical damage . I put that camera 1 month at my home . One day I contact with photographer in my local city they already work them for his memory card at Micronics data recovery servvices provider Ahmadabad. He gave me mobile number of Micronics . I contact to Micronics . Micronics said me courier whole camera with HDD. I courier it. And Micronics is 100% successful recover My photos and Video data."

Harshad G Patel

Navasari, Gujarat, India.

"We lost your last time our mail server on feb ,2010 and Recently March 2014 same upgraded IBM blade mail server crashed and Our entire company email was Configured VMWARE Virtual Server. Micronics gives us 100 % Data recovery in 7 days . We fully satisfy with them services and communication."


IT Deputy Manager, Amul Dairy , Anand , Gujarat , india

"We lost our SCSI hdd in our server in sep 2006 . We tried 3-4 data recovery company but we unable to recovery our data . we found from internet Micronics and contact to Micronics they recover our total data from our scsi HDD . We are very thankful to Micronics."

Mr. R. Govind Raj .

IT Administrator, O.N.G.C , mahesana ,gujarat, India .

“Our IBM SYSTEM X3400 M3 configured “SQL 2008 Database “ and it was lost Total Data due to Database Crashed on July,2015 so Our SAP ERP Stop to work . We contacted IBM, SAP and Microsoft But they Unable to solve My Problem but Micronics gives us 100 % Data recovery in 4 days. We fully satisfy with them services and communication. “

Jaimin Patel

Senior Executive - Purchase Department, Graffiti India Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad , Gujarat , india

“Our IBM SEVER X 3630 M4 has Connected 3.0 TB SAS x 9 hard disk and 146gb SAS x 2 No’s hard disk . We configured Raid5 with 19TB volume But Due to Multiple Hard Disk Crashed Our ALL Data was lost on last Feb 2016. We already Trying Recovery in Our Local Contact but Unable to Recover data. We check Online Google and we found Micronics Data Recovery lab located In Ahmedabad. We contact them and they Recovery Our 100% within 7 Days. Our company is very thankful to Micronics “

Mr. Yudhvir Singh


“i m photographer since an analog technology , We never suffer any trouble in Our analog technology photography in Our carrier But After digital photography we suffer lot a problem to damage Memory card , And I also having a knowledge about Normal Logical Recovery if Memory card is Damage . But Dec 2014 I had suffer a problem for 32gb memory card and I unable to recover any data from DAMAGE card . After contacting Micronics they Recover My All Video Data and I’m really thankful to him “

Chetan Trivedi , Ahmedabad, Gujart, India.


"We lost our 2TB WD Passport HDD Data Due to Dropped From table. Our Data was very important We contact to Micronics They Infirm us Wait for 1 month due them busy schedule. We wait them Because we already having a data recovery work experience.we never compromise with other company and also not want to take any chance with other company . After 1 month they recovery Our 1.5TB DATA means 100 % recover Our data . We never forget them this Support."

Chetan Bhatt

Photographer, Krishna Digital Video, Ahmadabad, Gujarat, India


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